Do Employees Snooze or Strike Back to Injustice?

  • Sadaf Choudhary Virtual University of Pakistan, Pakistan.
Keywords: distributive justice, interactional justice, perceived injustice, procedural justice, workplace revenge


This study aims to investigate the relationship between the perceptions of injustice and revengeful intentions among first- person (revengeful intention by the victim), second-person (revengeful intention for the sake of a close friend), and third- person (revengeful intention for the sake of an acquaintance). A questionnaire survey was used to collect data from 154 respondents. The findings showed that interactional injustice is associated positively with first-person revenge, whereas distributive and procedural injustice lead to second-person and third-person revengeful intentions. This study offers important insights about the broader impact of injustice which goes beyond the victim and explains how it ignites negative feelings among the non-victim as well.

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Choudhary, S. (2020). Do Employees Snooze or Strike Back to Injustice?. Journal of Management and Research, 7(2), 42-74.