The Outbreak of Covid-19 Pandemic: A Discourse Analysis of Economic Impact in Africa

  • Haruna Usman Modibbo Gombe State University, Nigeria
Keywords: Covid-19; Pandemic; Economic Impact; Discourse Analysis; Africa.


Background: The outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic has brought serious consequences on the socioeconomic conditions of many countries across the globe due to the stringent measures taken to curb its spread by governments at various levels. However, these consequences varied across regions and sectors.

Objective: This study therefore attempts to analyse the trend of Covid-19 and the economic burden caused by the pandemic on 54 African countries using the cross-sectional data of covid-19 update report of 1st and 11th November, 2020.

Method: The study employed descriptive statistical techniques as well as discourse analysis approach to analyze the impact of the pandemic on African countries.

Results: Although Africa has not been enormously affected in terms of the incidence and prevalence rates of the covid-19, the findings indicated that the pandemic has significant negative impact on various sectors of African economy notably aviation, education and health which consequently brought a serious setback in the overall growth and development in the region. Also, a strong correlation was found to exist between the number of covid-19 cases and deaths associated with the pandemic.

Conclusion: The fact that the pandemic still exists and some countries have already entered into second wave, the study recommends for additional investment in the health sector in order to sufficiently equip the isolation centers with all necessary facilities to fast-track the treatment process. Also, the study calls for rigorous commitments on the part of governments to invest massively particularly in the highly affected sectors and come up with policies for ease of doing business in the region. This will provide more job opportunities thereby reducing the level of poverty especially in the post covid-19 period.


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