Call for Advisory/Editorial Board


Department of Quantitative Methods, School of Business and Economics, University of Management and Technology has taken the initiative to formally announce and launch a Multidisciplinary International Journal. Journal of Quantitative Methods (JQM) has scope of international publication on Statistics, Economics and Business Disciplines. JQM publishes Original articles of Basic and Applied Research, Conceptual and Empirical Papers, Conference Papers, Case Studies, Critical Reviews and Commentaries on Semi-Annual basis.

JQM is seeking for qualified and high profile Professionals and practitioners to join our Advisory Board. Kindly contact the editorial office via email [email protected] to submit your CV.

Advisory Board's Mandate and Focus: The main purpose of the Journal's advisory board is to provide scholarly advice about the direction that JQM should follow.


  • You will keep yourself up-to-date about the latest development in your area of research
  • You will demonstrate leadership quality in your research community which is required for our promotion and/or academic growth.
  • You will have the scope to publish your papers in our journals or to attend our conferences

Note: Please send your CV along with Advisory Membership Form and confirmatory note.