Financial Coping Strategies of Households during COVID-19 Induced Lockdown

  • Ganiyat Adejoke Adesina-Uthman Associate Professor, National Open University of Nigeria
  • Abel Inabo Obaka National Open University of Nigeria
Keywords: COVID-19, pandemic, household


This paper focuses on the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic-induced lockdown on the financial resources of households, their survival strategies, and planned coping strategies. It employed the survey method of research in which 288 questionnaires were administered online and delivered by hand to respondents across the six geographical zones of Nigeria. The study used frequency and percentages to analyze the perceptions of households regarding their survival strategies, government supports, and the effectiveness of compliance to government orders. The questionnaire was designed to elicit relevant information regarding how households coped with the COVID-19 induced lockdown in Nigeria. It was found that most households had no contingency savings to address such emergencies; therefore, the lockdown put a lot of strain on the personal income and savings of households. It was also found that the household rating of government supports was very poor which led to partial compliance with the stay-at-home order. Finally, it was found that the most preferred coping strategy was to take salary advance, followed by going back to work and borrowing. The study recommends contingency savings habits to households and controlling the inflation rate to the government as important steps for returning towards normality. The government of Nigeria needs to prioritize the health sector in budget allocation for proper healthcare delivery. The study also recommends contingency savings habits to households and social inclusion to the government along with giving out bailouts to households, firms, and industries to boost the economy.

Received Date: May 06, 2020   Last Received:  October 10, 2020 Acceptance:  October  29, 2020      


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Author Biography

Ganiyat Adejoke Adesina-Uthman, Associate Professor, National Open University of Nigeria

Head of Department of Economics and Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, National Open University of Nigeria.

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Adesina-Uthman, G., & Obaka, A. (2020). Financial Coping Strategies of Households during COVID-19 Induced Lockdown. Empirical Economic Review, 3(2), 83-114.

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